About Us

The Arizona Education Network is Your Non-Partisan Information Source on K-20 Public Education in Arizona


Our Mission

The Arizona Education Network exists to provide factual, relevant and up-to-date information as it pertains to public education in our state. We seek to provide parents, students, businesses and community members with accurate information and the resources to enable them to take action on behalf of Arizona students.

Our Members

Our members are parents, business people and community members who value public education. We are non-partisan and welcome the participation of anyone—regardless  of party affiliation—who  recognizes that the education of our children is worth the significant investment of our time and our dollars.

What We Believe

We believe in strong public schools and that an investment in education pays dividends to our overall economy.

We believe our Legislature is mandated by our Constitution—as  well as by common sense—to provide for the development and improvement of our public school system.

We believe public school funding in our state is inadequate.

We believe it is impossible for schools to address changing demands and performance issues while struggling to pay for basic supplies and maintain decent facilities.

We believe in supporting our teachers and providing them with the resources they need to educate our children, enabling them to become productive members of the global economy.

We believe it is impossible to comply with our Constitution’s mandate to keep higher education as free as possible for our students unless those that govern the state begin to address the structural deficit by some means other than budget cuts.


Do You Believe?



The Arizona Education Network

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We are a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, which allows us to do more lobbying for public education than we could as a traditional non-profit.  For this reason, contributions are NOT tax deductible.



Website: info@arizonaeducationnetwork.com