A Message to All Prop 204 Supporters

The Arizona Education Parent Network wishes to thank all of the supporters of Prop 204–Quality Education and Jobs–for their passionate grassroots effort to help Arizona’s schoolchildren.The executive branch, legislative leadership and special-interest lobbyists who created this education funding mess put up quite a fight.  The Prop 204 campaign was able to clear every hurdle they put in the way, except the last.The Prop 204 campaign did not have an answer to the almost $1 million in dark money brought in from out-of-state special interest groups linked to the anti-public education Koch billionaire brothers from Kansas. The opposition used those dark dollars to fund a barrage of misleading TV ads in the final weeks that could not be answered because the campaign’s limited resources were long gone.   Before the negative ads began, voters were prepared to pass Prop 204, according to polling commissioned by the campaign.But this journey is not over.  It has just begun.  This effort was started by a group of parents, teachers and local business leaders who are not satisfied with the status quo for our children.  It has now grown into a movement that will continue on. The dramatic de-funding of Arizona’s schools is putting the future of our children at risk, as well as the future of the state’s economy.

The people behind this movement are empowered by what happened on Election Day, not discouraged.    The opposition had to resort to very deceptive tactics to win.  Those type of tactics ultimately turn people off and will not be successful a second time. And we must find a solution to this problem.

AEPN urges those members of the Legislature who are committed to public education to start working on a solution. AEPN will work with anyone who wants to identify a way to start adequately funding schools in Arizona to meet the needs of our students. Arizona politicians cannot be allowed to merely shuffle the deck chairs of existing state dollars and pretend they are adequately funding education in Arizona. So AEPN will be keeping watch and staying involved until we restore education to the priority it simply must be for the sake of Arizona’s school children and the economic well-being of the state of as a whole.



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