It’s Back–Arizona House Tries to Revive TABOR Via House Rule

House leadership is attempting to bypass the legislative process and enact a procedural rule that imposes the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) on the state of Arizona.

The TABOR rule would require backing from the majority of the 60-person House and would preclude it from even considering a budgetary bill that would exceed the rule’s limit, namely any increase in spending above the past year’s level OR the past year’s level of revenue, whichever is less.

This binds the Legislature to spending levels at or below current level, locking in cuts made necessary by a flagging economy for good.  It was bad law last session when it was vetoed by the Governor’s office, and it’s bad rule-making now.

Click here to find and contact your state representatives.  Ask them NOT to support this rule.  Tell them that:

  • TABOR is too restrictive and it exempts elective officials from seriously considering any budgetary legislation on its own merits. Our representatives are elected to make well-informed and measured decisions about matters affecting the state.  With this cookie-cutter approach, who needs legislators?
  • TABOR locks in the effects of a bad economy for years to come.
  • Legislative rules are meant to be procedural in nature and should NOT impose policy strictures on members.
  • The only state to ever enact TABOR legislation was Colorado and voters later junked the TABOR law in the wake of its disastrous results.

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