Joint Legislative Budget Council Releases Analysis on Years of Budget Cuts

The Joint Legislative Budget Council (JLBC) released an analysis of budget cuts to the Arizona state general fund operating budget over the last four fiscal years (2008-2011).

According to the report, Arizona has faced four consecutive years with a budget shortfall.  Since 2008, the state has enacted $12.5 billion in one-time budget solutions to address these shortfalls, including but not limited to $2.2 billion in permanent spending reductions, $918 from Proposition  100–the 1-cent sales tax increase approved by voters in the May 18 special election, and $1.5 billion in rollover and payment deferrals.

Over the last four years, Arizona’s K-12 public schools have seen a $883.9 million reduction in funding.  Similarly, funding for the state’s community colleges has been cut by $53.5 million and the universities by $232.5 million.

To review the JLBC’s Comprehensive Budget Solutions for Fiscal Year 2008 – Fiscal Year 2011, click here.

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