**Updated 2:30 pm** AZ Legislature debates $137 million in cuts to education; groups propose revenue reform

*** Update 11/19/09 2:30 pm***- Legislative session has failed.  The Senate has defeated the proposal.  The Legislature  may return to try again on Monday.

Budget agreement fails; Senate will try again Monday, Arizona Republic, 11/19/09

Arizona lawmakers end special session without budget deal, Arizona Daliy Star, 11/19/09



The Governor called the Arizona state Legislature into special session to address the $2 billion budget deficit.  The session was only to address potential cuts including a proposed $137 million cut to soft capital for K-12.  Soft capital pays for items like books, technology and school buses.  Any cut to education mid-year would be on top of a $133 million dollar cut in K-12 education funding in January of 2009.


In addition, other groups met this week to present alternative to the cuts. including revenue increases and reform. See the articles below for additional information.


State, for 1st time, forced to get loan, Patching the budget sidebar, Arizona Republic, 11/18/09

Group urges options to budget cuts, KPHO Phoenix, 11/18/09

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Arizona Budget Coaltion echoes Democrat’s budget proposals, Arizona Capitol Times, 11/18/09

Legislators must skip ideology, rescue the state, Editorial Arizona Republic, 11/17/09


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  1. […] After Thursday’s senate vote failed to pass $300 million in cuts, the Arizona Legislature convened early yesterday afternoon to vote on the same legislation once again. This time, Senate president Bob Burns was successful in gathering enough votes to pass cuts, which include $144 million from K-12 budgets and $150 million from the budget for the Department of Economic Security. . This $144 million mid-year cut in the state’s K-12 soft capital budget — which pays for books, technology and school buses – is on top of the $133 million cut from K-12 in January of 2009.   . Work on balancing the budget is expected to resume following the Thanksgiving holiday, when Governor Brewer will meet with the majority party to discuss scheduling another special session. This will be the fifth special session since the 49th legislative session began at the beginning of this year. [Yes, we're keeping track.] Movement so far indicates that there will be further cuts in an effort to close the nearly $2 billion deficit. Little has been suggested with respect to the other side to the budget balancing act: Raising revenue. . […]

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