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Mid Year Budget Cuts Expected for Schools; Cuts Below 2006 Levels May Endangers Federal Aid

September 28th, 2009

While school districts budgets are based on the budget of September 4th (in which Governor Brewer vetoed cuts to education), most districts are not basing actual spending on the budget. There is a precedent – in January the legislature took back $133 million from schools. With a mounting deficit yet to be closed, school districts expect mid year cuts again. In addition, any cuts that cause the education budget to fall below 2006 funding levels may endanger federal aid.

AZ Gov. and Legislature Must Act Soon to Avoid Crisis in Agency Funding

September 26th, 2009

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting that unless the Governor and Legislature act soon the Arizona Department of Revenue and the Corporate Commission will have to make drastic cuts and may even run out of funds.  The AZ Department of Revenue has only $40.6M after the veto of an expected $67 million dollar proposed budget.   Continue Reading >

Eye of the Budget Storm: Governor’s Speech and the First FY 2010 Budget

September 9th, 2009

Governor Brewer signed a number of budget bills on Friday and vetoed several key cuts to K-12 education. Your AEN representatives spent this weekend analyzing the bills and have provided a list of what was cut — and what was signed into law — in this post.

State Tax Collections Fall as Arizona Awaits Governor’s Action on Budget

September 1st, 2009

State tax reveues fall as Arizona awaits action on budget by Governor Brewer.