School Choice / School Reform

Best Evidence Encyclopedia
Johns Hopkins University School of Education, Website, 2009

Which research programs have been successfully evaluated in valid research? What works in education? The Best Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE) presents reliable, unbiased reviews of research-proven educational programs to help evaluate academic and structural performance.

CSRQ Center Report on Elementary School CSR Models

This report provides a scientifically based, consumer-friendly review of the effectiveness and quality of 22 widely adopted elementary school comprehensive school reform (CSR) or schoolwide improvement models. Each model is profiled and rated in the following categories:

Category 1: Evidence of positive effects on student achievement.
Category 2: Evidence of positive effects on additional outcomes.
Category 3: Evidence of positive effects on family and community involvement.
Category 4: Evidence of a link between research and model design.
Category 5: Evidence of services and support to schools to enable successful implementation.

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