Legislation Under Consideration – House Education Committee Meeting: June 22, 2009

House Education Committee

Meeting:  Monday, June 22, 2009

2:00pm House Hearing Room (HHR) 3

* Meeting is open to the public *

The meeting agenda can be found here.  You can also watch the live proceedings by going to www.azleg.gov and clicking on “Live Proceedings” under the FAQ heading in the left column.

SB1122 Strike-Everything Amendment, Relating to School Districts; Land Acquisition

“Requires the School Facilities Board (SFB) to distribute monies received by the State Land Department for public education leases to a school district if the funding for the public education lease was provided by the school district and not by the SFB.”

SB1134 Commission for Postsecondary Education; Continuation

The Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education (ACPE) is a 16-member board charged with administering the Arizona Family College Savings Program.  The ACPE was due to sunset on January 1, 2011- this bill would extend the commission another ten years (until July 1, 2019).

SB1196 Education Omnibus

Omnibus indeed!  This bill covers the spectrum, from expanding the fingerprinting clearance, mandating a National Rankings studies, establishing a Kinder Task Force, defining new employee benefits rules, eliminating the ‘school register’ requirement for teachers and defining enrollment privileges for charter school board members and ‘employees of the sponsor’.

SB1197 Task Force; Special Education; Behavior Management

Establishes a nine-member Task Force to “examine, evaluate and make recommendation regarding the best practices for managing behavior and discipline of pupils with disabilities”.  The task force would be appointed by the State Board of Education and would submit their findings by June 30, 2010.

SB1272 Community College Buildings; Names

This bill would allow community college to name buildings after people or companies who “significantly contributed to the college or district”.  It would also allow community colleges to form commercial partnerships and patent policies that can be profitable to the district.

SB1375 Parents’ Rights; Education; Discipline; Health (Now:  Student Information; Written Parental Request)

This is a strike everything amendment to SB1375 – though the original bill still exists in the form of HB2628.

The reconfigured SB1375 establishes a process for parents to request information from school districts.  Included in the bill are provisions, which require parents to submit a written request for their student’s education records and brief guidelines for the school administrative response.

SB1386 Charter Schools; Charter Renewal Period

Current charter school contracts are valid for fifteen years and can be renewed on the fourteenth year of operations.  This bill would allow a charter school in operation for at least nine years to apply for early renewal and permits ‘Excelling’ charter schools who received satisfactory audits for the three years prior to renew for a period of twenty years.

SB1395 Common School Districts; Grade Nine

This bill would allow elementary school districts to offer ninth grade instruction.  Schools could receive weighted funding but could not receive growth or rapid decline funds due to any changes in grade nine enrollment.

SB1427 Schools; Instructional Technology; Fees; Deposits

School districts can currently assess reasonable damage deposits for 7th-12th grade musical instruments, band uniforms and other equipment required for academic courses.  This bill removes the prohibition on charging reasonable deposit and/or damage fees for computers and other instructional technology.  It also authorizes governing boards to waive fees due to economic hardship.

SB1437 Schools; Gun Safety Instructors; Certification

This bill bypasses the current instructor certification requirement and would allow instructors to be certified by a “national association of firearms owners”.  (See our detailed analysis here.)

SB1468 JTEDS; Adult Students

“Allows a student over the age of 22 to attend a Joint Technological Education District (JTED) course during regular school hours if they course as additional capacity.”  College-level credit cannot be offered under the terms of this legislation.

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