Legislation Under Consideration – Senate Committee on Education Accountability and Reform Meeting: Wednesday, June 24th 1:30pm

Committee on Education Accountability and Reform
Meeting:  Wednesday, June 24, 2009
1:30pm Senate Hearing Room One
* Meeting is open to the public  *


The meeting agenda can be found here.  You can also watch the live proceedings by going to www.azleg.gov and clicking on “Live Proceedings” under the FAQ heading in the left column.

Click on any of the bill numbers below to connect to their corresponding Arizona Legislature page.

Bills Scheduled for Discussion:

HB 2099 Charter Schools; Zoning

Classifies charter schools as public schools for the purposes of zoning in municipalities and counties.

HB2137 School bus inspections; rules

Bill would remove the current requirement for DPS (Department of Public Safety) to inspect registered school buses each year.  In place of this annual inspection, the bill states “that school buses shall be inspected according to rules adopted pursuant to section 28-900.”

HB2268 County and municipal budgets

Bill requires all counties, cities, towns and community colleges to post their estimates of expenses or budgets on websites.

HB2346 Charter Schools; Leased Property

The Arizona Constitution allows property tax exemptions for educational, charitable and religious associations or institutions not used or held for profit.  Property owned by non-profit religious or charitable organizations that lease property to non-profit charter school organizations are currently exempt from property tax.

This bill would allow property leased to a non-profit charter school to be exempt from property taxation, regardless of whether or not the property owner is non-profit or for-profit.

HB 2432 School Board Membership; Family Members

This bill would prohibit immediate family or household members from serving simultaneously on a five-member school district governing board in the same district or running in the same governing board election.

HB2495 In-State Tuition; Veterans

The current laws allow military families stationed in Arizona, members claiming Arizona as a legal residence and honorably discharged veterans  who have claimed Arizona as a legal residence for 12 months prior to discharge to claim in-state tuition benefits.  HB2495 would extend the in-state tuition rates to any military family who was honorably discharged from an Arizona military installation, regardless of the length of time the person was domiciled in Arizona. (See our detailed analysis here.)

HB2515 School District Over-expenditures; Correction; Reduction

This bill would deduct $500,000 from the amount currently scheduled to be repaid to the state by Peach Springs Unified School District if PSUSD “successfully conducts an election to exclude all real property not located on the (Hualapai) Indian Reservation from PSUSD’s boundaries”

HB2516 Schools; Administrative Reduction

This swarthy bill would make a number of changes to statutes regulating school districts and charter schools, including…

  • The elimination of  the current requirement for school districts to maintain a quarter mile buffer zone between school and agricultural property.
  • Reduces the amount of time that a school district must allow a teacher to correct inadequate classroom performance from 85 days to 60 days after receiving the initial notice.
  • Allows school districts to sell advertising space on their athletic facilities.
  • Removes the requirement for school district governing boards to secure insurance coverage and performance and payment bonds for all construction projects.

HB2525 TAPBI Programs; Schools

This bill creates a Technology Assisted Project-Based Instruction (TAPBI) Advisory Committee and allows TAPBI programs to account for Average Daily Membership (ADM) any time during the day or year.  This legislation follows a 2007 performance audit of the TAPBI program and subsequent recommendations for improvement.

HB2628 Parents’ rights; Education; Health; Discipline

The Parents’ Rights bill presents a laundry list of specific mandates relating to a parent’s right within Arizona.  Included in the bill is the following language;

  • “The following rights are reserved to a parent or legal guardian of a minor child without obstruction or interference from any governmental entity or from any employee of a governmental entity:
  1. The education of the minor child
  2. The upbringing of the minor child
  3. Discipline of the minor child
  4. The moral or religious training of the minor child
  5. Health care decisions for the minor child, including decisions relating to mental health and immunizations.
  • “This act is an emergency measure that is necessary to preserve the public peace, health or safety and is operative immediately as provided by law.”

SB1172 Schools; Data; Noncitizen Students

If enacted, this bill would require the Arizona Department of Education to collect and report data on all students who cannot demonstrate proof of legal US residence.  Data includes research on the “adverse impact on their enrollment” and cost estimates for the education of students who are not US citizens.  If districts fail to comply, SB1172 qualifies the state superintendent to withhold all state financial payments to the schools.


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