House & Senate Schedule for June 29, 2009: Budget Details & More **UPDATED AGENDA**

Saturday’s budget process ground to a halt when it appeared as though there weren’t enough votes to pass the budget with the sales tax increase. So where does that leave us? Running out the legislative clock, that’s where!
Below is the rundown for Monday’s committee meetings with links to respective agendas and hearing rooms, as well as details on the budget.
It isn’t too late! Legislators and Governor Brewer need to hear from you. Your voice matters. Call your three (3) legislators and the governor. Visit “Legislature & Governor” for a directory of legislators. Governor Brewer can be reached toll-free at (800) 253-0883. Did you miss Saturday’s protest rally? Not to worry! Another rally is being held at the Capitol Monday, at 9 AM. Details below.
Your AEN team will be updating this post as more information comes in. Thank you for hanging with us, gang!
Legislative Schedule for Monday, June 29th **UPDATED**

  • Senate Appropriation has been pushed back to 10:00 and as of 10:22, mtg has yet to get underway and they’ve REVISED the AGENDA. Click on SHR 109 for live feed to hearing room.
  • Senate Education Committee will also be meeting upon adjournment of the Senate Appropriations meeting in SHR 1 and they’ve REVISED the agenda, three (3) tax related measures.
  • House Appropriations will resume agenda at 11 AM in HHR 1. (see below for voting details from Saturday’s meeting
  • House Committee of the Whole (COW) scheduled to meet at 1:30 PM. Calendar can be found under section titled “Floor Calendars for 6/29/09” located here.

The Budget Plan

  • $630 million in spending reductions
  • $262 million in fund transfers
  • $1.128 billion in stimulus funding
  • $150 million in additional non-tax revenue
  • $835 million in prison privatization & refinance
  • $160 million in agency payment details

Total Budget Reduction: $606 million

Cuts specific to education:

  • Dept of Ed/K-12 REDUCED by $220 million
  • Universities REDUCED $40 million
  • Community Colleges REDUCED $11 million

Phased-in Reductions occurring in January of 2010:

  • $180 million in soft capital to School District & Charter

List of Bills on Committee’s Agenda:

HB2643 – General appropriations; 2009-2010; trailer = PASSED 7 – 5
HB2644 – Budget reconciliation; general revenues; trailer =  PASSED 8 – 4
HB2645 – Budget reconciliation; general government; trailer = PASSED 7 – 4
HB2646 – State properties; trailer = PASSED 6 – 4
HB2647 – Budget reconciliation; criminal justice; trailer = PASSED 6 – 5
HB2648 – Budget reconciliation; k-12 education; trailer = PASSED 8 – 4
HB2649 – Budget reconciliation; higher education; trailer = PASSED 7 – 5
HB2650 – Budget reconciliation; health; welfare; trailer = PASSED 8 – 4
HB2651 – Budget reconciliation; environment; trailer = PASSED 8 – 4
HB2652 – Statewide special election; sales tax = scheduled for 6/29/09
HB2653 – Flat tax; individual income = scheduled for 6/29/09
HCR2037 – Temporary transaction privilege tax = scheduled for 6/29/09

Information on Monday’s Protest Rally:
March4Schools is organizing a follow-up protest rally to Saturday’s, where over 500 Arizonans turned out! Monday’s event will be held at the Capitol at 9 AM.
Arizona State Capitol Mall
1700 W. Jefferson
Monday, June 29, 2009 at 9:00 AM
Details on rally can be found at March4Schools. AEN’s Rally at the Capitol: “Save Our State” has links to articles and photos from Saturday’s event. Check it out! If you attended Saturday’s rally and/or plan on attending Monday’s, we’d love to hear your account! Leave us a comment on this post and/or send us an email at

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