Arizona Budget Reaches L.A. Times 6/27/09

The standoff between the legislative leadership and Governor Brewer has reached a new level: We’ve made news…in California!
In January, Napolitano moved to Washington to become secretary of Homeland Security, and Jan Brewer, a staunch fiscal conservative who was then Arizona’s secretary of state, took her spot. “We thought, we’ve got a friendly face in the governor’s office and we’ll be able to do some good things,” said Bob Burns, president of the state Senate.
It didn’t work out that way.

Click “Arizona’s budget war is a GOP standoff” for the rest of the L.A. Times article.

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  1. Ed G says:

    Kirk Adams & crew keep selling the massive tax cuts in this budget as a way to draw companies from California…I’m sure this article will be a great advert for our state. Or not!!! Thanks, Arizona legislature, for making us look like we’re all on the Ship of Fools again!

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